Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the season

Good news! The economy is bad.

Wait... how is this good you might ask?

Because it gives me more reason to be crafty silly. Sooooo, after tuesday the 8th I will officially be done with fall semester and will be crakin' down on a whole ton of goodies to show you.

My craft room is over flowing and I've got inspiration all around. Let's finally get this show on the road!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Know what I want to do!

So I'm very sad not to be selling bows anymore, but very happy to be doing things that I love still. I've decide to put two of my all time loves together here, crafting and blogging. And I don't even have to change my blog name. : ) Here's some crafts I've worked on this month. VEry easy and time efficient, and cheap too. These factors are important in mine, and I'm sure in most of your schedules as well.

This first one is something I see as being a deco that can maybe be used for more than one holiday. Just go out and find you some candlesticks at your local thrift, DI, or goodwill store, at your parents or maybe even in your own storage. Spray paint them your choice of paint. I went for a silver metallic paint. I would've liked them to be a bit more dingy looking but I'll take it. I found the holey cheese cloth at the dollar store and the candle sticks as well. You could even have some bleeding candles if you wanted to scare it up a bit more.

I got the idea for this second one from Martha Stewart. Gotta love Martha. All you do is get some styrofoam balls. wrap them with yarn and put a stick on top for the stem. Be sure to flatten top and bottom ends of the ball by pressing it down on a flat surface to keep them from rolling. I did this step after I wrapped and before I stuck the stem in. If you'd like to check Martha's out go here. But don't compare mine to hers, I know they are way cuter. I was just using what I had.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ugg boots for women

Ok, I know I haven't done anything with my blog or my store in ages. But the reason being is that I'm back in school and I've decided that my dreams of owning a bow business are just not working out like I wanted. I am still trying to figure something else I can do to this blog that you all can still enjoy. In the mean time, enter in this giveaway for free Ugg boots! Here is the link to win the boots.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

You're invited!

Here is a great event for girls and women of all ages. There are tons of giveaways, a fashion show, good food, and of course me and my hair accessories. The best part is 100% of the proceeds go to "Women Without Borders" foundation, which a great cause. Please spread the word and come this Saturday. Click on the poster to enlarge.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Stinks!

First of all, I apologize to my followers for slacking off. I will get a giveaway up and running, I promise!

I feel the utmost importance of imforming as many mothers and lovers of handcrafted toys, accessories, and clothing of this ridiculous new law that will be in effect as of Febuary 10th. It is called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, or the CPSIA.
"CPSIA redefines the legal meaning of “children’s products,” “child care articles,” and “toys” to cover virtually all products designed for use by children 12 years old and younger, as well as all
products designed to “facilitate sleep or the feeding of children age 3 and younger, or to help such children with sucking or teething.” It also requires that industry standard ASTM F963-07, also known as the “Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety,” will become the formally-adopted CPSC product safety rule on February 10, 2009."

This means that I, along with every other handcrafter of "children's products" will have to spend a whole bunch more money to get my product tested for lead. I'm all about safety, as a mother of 3, but I buy my supplies from bigger companies who have already tested their product. This WILL put me out of business and many others too.

Not only will this law put hundreds of small business owners out of work, but this will affect your wallets too. Don't be suprised when the price for all children's items go up to supplement the extra money needed for the extra testing. No more garage sales, craiglist, ebay, or thrift stores. It's going to make all these illegal!

This law is completely unfair to the companies of the US. All our lead problems have come from China, but we have to pay for their mistakes?! Please contact your congress man and urge him to ammend this law.

Here is the link to the actual lesiglation here
Here is how you can contact your congress man and your Senator.

If I don't make much sense to you, here is a blog with more definition.

Here are some petitions to sign aswell.

All you have to do is click on these links to make your opinion count. PLEASE, please do so!