Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Know what I want to do!

So I'm very sad not to be selling bows anymore, but very happy to be doing things that I love still. I've decide to put two of my all time loves together here, crafting and blogging. And I don't even have to change my blog name. : ) Here's some crafts I've worked on this month. VEry easy and time efficient, and cheap too. These factors are important in mine, and I'm sure in most of your schedules as well.

This first one is something I see as being a deco that can maybe be used for more than one holiday. Just go out and find you some candlesticks at your local thrift, DI, or goodwill store, at your parents or maybe even in your own storage. Spray paint them your choice of paint. I went for a silver metallic paint. I would've liked them to be a bit more dingy looking but I'll take it. I found the holey cheese cloth at the dollar store and the candle sticks as well. You could even have some bleeding candles if you wanted to scare it up a bit more.

I got the idea for this second one from Martha Stewart. Gotta love Martha. All you do is get some styrofoam balls. wrap them with yarn and put a stick on top for the stem. Be sure to flatten top and bottom ends of the ball by pressing it down on a flat surface to keep them from rolling. I did this step after I wrapped and before I stuck the stem in. If you'd like to check Martha's out go here. But don't compare mine to hers, I know they are way cuter. I was just using what I had.