Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homemade Christmas

Finally getting my projects up that I did for Christmas. I really wanted to do a lot more, but of course didn't have the time. The four things I was able to get done were for my girls since they pretty much always come first. I 'm actually still trying to finish one project which is some sturdy dress ups for my princess's. I get so sick of cheap dress ups that come apart shortly after taking the tag off. My girls, especially the twins, love to dress up so really I just pieced together a couple of dresses, only one of which is finished.

Next from one of my most favorite craft blogs ever, I made some sleeping bags for my twins.

My sister introduced me to the most adorable fabric from this line. These were actually purchased quite some time ago with decorating the twins room in mind. I made these sweet dolls for all three girls and plan on making a quiet book with this set.

And finally, my favorite project this year, these adorable dress from Sugar City Patterns. It's called the village frock and I got so many compliments on it. Check out their flicker group for other pictures of this fantastic pattern. I for one can't wait to make more of these dresses.