Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baby Slings!

I love how convienent these cute slings are. I have never seen them for under $30.00 so I decided I would give it a shot and make them a little more affordable. Here is a sneak peak of some I already have made. And to my loyal customers who want first dibs, just shoot me an email at You can do 4 different holds including a cradle for newborns, frontwards facing, on the hip, and on your back. It holds newborn all the way up to 3 years of age if you would like. I will be posting more photo's for you visual learners on all the holds as soon as I can find a smaller model :).

Sizing chart:

Size/ Shoulder to hip/ Above the chest/ Body Type/ Bra Size
XS/ 21-23/ 26"-29"/ Small & Thin/ A,B
S/ 24-25/ 30"-33"/ Small to Average/ A,B,C
M/ 26-27/ 34"-37"/ Average to Tall/ A-E
L/ 28-29/ 38"-41"/ Tall and/or larger than average/ A-E
XL/ 30-31/ 42"-45"/ + Sizes/ C and up

Its so easy! Just be sure to take everything here into consideration as sizing is important. Just measure from the edge of your shoulder to the top of your opposite hip, right where your baby will sit. If you are in between sizes, SIZE DOWN!

Some Helpful Sizing Tips

-Use a soft tape measure. If you don't have a tape measure, use a string or the edge of a blanket and then set it against a ruler.
-If you're pregnant, measure across your back instead.
-If you are between sizes, choose the smaller one.
-Think about what size you might wear in a fitted t-shirt. While they are not always the same, it can point you in the right direction


Rock It Star said...

I want one!!!

The Dalton Fam said...

Rock It Star said...
I want one!!!

Just email me what you are wanting and I can see what I have. I also just got two more fabrics in that I've done nothing with yet so I can make them any size.