Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you believe it?!

I'm finally posting something! I have done quite a few craft projects, considering how busy I've been. I've just been too busy to post them. So I'll just jump in with the most recent accomplishment. Last year I moved my eldest daughter into her own room. It's a pretty small room and started out quite drab. I wanted to really make her room special for her since she has to share soooo much with her younger sisters.

I found this desk among the many treasures my mother in law has and asked if I could have it. It was painted a dark tan color and as I started sanding found 5 other colors it had been painted in the past. Beautiful colors that I wanted to come through and be shown in the finished product.

I decided to do an eye poping red and the hardware was so cute with the antiqued edges I decided to keep them.

My husband had the great idea to have her name on the top somewhere so before we painted I searched for the perfect font online and used vinyl to do a reverse stencil.

I absolutely love how it turned out. How about you?

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Camila said...

It turned out really cute, Em!!! I want to come see it in person!!!