Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Totes for my tots

It's back to school for all three of my kiddos this year! To get them excited I made them each a school bag using a simple tote bag pattern with my own little additives per my kid's requests. Here is a link for this super easy bag, and one for these rolled roses you see poping up everywhere.


Jessica said...

Those bags turned out so cute! I love the first one with the flowers on them. I'll bet your daughters were so excited to get those.


Linds and Dave said...

Wow these are so cute. And all of your other projects, the dresses for the twins, and the dresser! They're all so adorable!

Linds and Dave said...

Wow Emily, these are cute! I love the puppy :)
Your other projects are also adorable! I love the dresses you made for the twins and the dresser turned out nicely. I like the name on top idea! Good job Eliot on that one ;) keep it up Em, these are awesome!!